No Home for Grace

Part 2 of the story

How do you tell a 3 year-old girl that there are no certified foster families available to welcome her in the tri-county area because they are all at capacity?

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

On Friday at 4:30 I picked up the phone and heard my DHS certifier’s voice, Emily, on the other end. I adore her. She works hard, advocates fiercely and speaks gently and professionally.


It had been 18 months since she had celebrated with my family at the courthouse in downtown Multnomah County. Emily was there gathered with my family to watch the judge sign the official adoption certificate. Our son had come to us in October 2011 from a hotline call asking if we had the ability to pick up a newborn at Adventist Hospital on Friday and keep him “just for the weekend”.

Love and Loss

A Story from a Week Ago

NOTE: The open letter below has been penned by Embrace Oregon foster parents who have loved brilliantly and experienced loss recently. While they wish to remain anonymous, they also desire to share their story. It’s our honor to walk together. We desperately need more foster parents willing to enter into to this kind of love having calculated loss as a potential reality. Please join us.

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