Gresham Bible Church Embraces Fortify Family

Gresham Bible Church Embraces Fortify Family

Cynthia is a single mom who’s struggled in the past few years. Left alone with her child, she’d worked incredibly hard to provide what he needs to succeed but came up short. When I met Cynthia, she was living in a shelter. Her possessions consolidated to two garbage bags of clothes.

Cynthia was a perfect candidate for Fortify. As she prepared to move into a new apartment, she was worried about getting furniture for the unit.

A group of women from Gresham Bible Church wanted to do something to radically bless Cynthia as she began this new life with her son. A flurry of emails arrived in my inbox. “We have a bed.” “I think we have a microwave.” The most thoughtful one: “What color does Cynthia want to decorate with?”

At 8am on move-in day, the volunteers arrived. The refrigerator was stocked. Bedding was laid out with care. Curtains hung. Just four hours later, Cynthia arrived and walked into her new apartment. She was overwhelmed with emotion.

“My son has never had a bed.” “This is beautiful!” We were both in tears.

This gift spoke dignity, worth, value and love over a woman who’s just walked through the darkest year of her life. Because of these women, her future is bright!

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