Language Matters

Language Matters

Language matters. 

The way we talk about children in foster care matters. 

While it may seem like it's the exact same, Embrace Oregon strives to say "CHILDREN in foster care" rather than "foster child". 


The adjective "foster" is not seen as a positive one in the community. Those 6 little letters "f-o-s-t-e-r" often cause people to make assumptions about behaviors, capabilities and even physical appearance. We believe the emphasis should be first and foremost on the CHILD - an innocent child who through no fault of their own was taken into state custody because of a caregiver's unsafe and unhealthy choices. 

Did the child have control over their parent's choices? No. 

Did the child ask to be in foster care? No. 

Did the child ask to be labeled as a "foster kid? No. 

Embrace Oregon community, children in foster care are more than the state's children. They are our community's children. And while some children need some extra support in their lives to address the abuse, neglect and trauma, children in foster care need the foundation of what ALL children need - unconditional love, nurture, safety and consistency to thrive and live into their God-given potential. 

And they need you.

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